Why is there no sound when a cat walks?

Cats walk silently, which is caused by their special foot structure. There is a thick and soft meat pad under the soles of the cat’s feet, which has strong elasticity, and the hook and claw at the end of the cat’s toes can retract freely. When they walk, they will retract the hook claws into the meat pad, so as to reduce the hard contact between the cat claws and the ground and alleviate the vibration when the claws fall to the ground. So the cat walked quietly. In addition, due to the protection of this thick meat pad, the cat’s feet can be worn from the ground to a minimum and remain sharp. Not only that, this thick meat pad is also the cat’s “sensor”. It is observed that there are rich tactile sensing cells in the meat pad under the cat’s feet, which can sense the small vibration of the ground. This helps the cat to perceive the mouse’s activities more accurately, so that they can catch the mouse by surprise.

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