Why don’t monkeys have white eyes

A few days ago, our school organized an autumn tour to the zoo. Everyone gathered in front of the monkey mountain and watched the little monkeys running around. Suddenly, a classmate found that the little monkey’s eyes were black and bright, but there was no white eye.

Then carefully observe the chimpanzee’s eyes, too. Why?

In fact, in primates, except for human eyes, the eyes of other animals, like monkeys and chimpanzees, can not see the white part of the eyes. Of course, they are not without white eyes, but they are dark brown, which is difficult to distinguish from black eyes. After research, scientists believe that these human close relatives put a pair of “big sunglasses” on their eyes in order to disguise and hide their sight. In the process of hunting, if the hunter clearly exposes his sight, it will cause the prey to be alert and lose the great opportunity of hunting; For the prey, the unclear line of sight may make the enemy have the illusion that “the other party may be alert”, so as to escape.

So, why is human eye white? Scientists believe that when human ancestors walked from trees to the ground, because they learned to use fire and various tools, the risk of being hunted by other animals was greatly reduced, and they also need to communicate more effectively when hunting, foraging and working together. Therefore, the white part of their eyes gradually evolved into white, making their vision more clear and understandable. In other words, the reason why human beings can conduct unique eye communication, such as winking, eye movement and so on, is because they have white eyes.

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