Why do seagulls always chase ships?

Ships sailing at sea are usually accompanied by a group of white seagulls, which adds infinite vitality and poetry to the vast white ocean.

So why do seagulls always like to chase ships? This is because when the ship is sailing at sea, due to the resistance of air and sea water, an upward airflow is generated over the ship. Seagulls follow behind or over the ship, and they can fly effortlessly with the help of this rising air flow.

In addition, in the vast sea, small fish and shrimp are dazed by the waves aroused by the ship breaking the waves. They float on the water. They will soon be found by the seagulls with strong eyesight and eat them easily. This kind of “waiting for the hare” foraging method is, of course, the smart move of seagulls.

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