Why do larvae always swim up and down the water?

Mosquito larvae and larvae hatch in water. The reason why larvae always swim head down on the water is that they need to breathe air with a breathing tube located on the ventral tip. When disturbed, they hurriedly dive underwater and float to the surface after they are safe.

One of the important purposes of larvae swimming up and down in the water is to find food. Because the larvae eat microorganisms and rotten plants in the water, they seem to swim up and down in the water. If you put the larvae in a container and look at them with a magnifying glass, you can see that they eat with their mouth.

Different species of larvae swim up and down differently. The larvae of the house mosquito swim like a waving stick, while the larvae of the Culex mosquito swim like a stick. Bend and stretch.
Some larvae do not swim. They insert the breathing tube on the abdominal tip into the stems of aquatic plants to breathe air and swallow the food flowing in.

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