Why do cats eat mice

There are many folk stories and myths and legends in the world, which have made relevant explanations, but scientists have been confused about this problem for hundreds of years: once cats don’t eat mice, their “night vision” ability will gradually decline, and finally become “blind cats” at night.

After years of exploration, Dr. Muller, Professor of biology at Heidelberg University in Germany, finally solved this mystery that has plagued the world’s animal physiology circles for a long time. Muller believes that a substance called “taurine” can improve mammalian night vision.
Cats cannot synthesize taurine in the body. If they lack taurine for a long time, cats will change from “clear at a glance” to “blind at night”, and finally lose their ability to move at night.
However, there is this substance in mice. Therefore, cats can only constantly prey on mice to remedy the lack of taurine in the complement, so as to maintain and improve their night vision ability and survive normally.

Muller believes that in today’s big cities, cats are in a vicious circle: on the one hand, they eat little or almost no mice, which greatly reduces their ability to catch rats at night, and this reduction makes them eat less rat meat. In this way, the rat catching function of modern cats is naturally worse from generation to generation.

As soon as Muller’s research results were published, they immediately aroused the interest of ophthalmologists. It turned out that at present, the medical community has nothing to do with a kind of “stubborn night blindness”. This night blindness is not commonly caused by lack of vitamin A, and its pathogenesis is still unknown. So doctors assumed that patients with the disease might also lack taurine, so they tried to let them eat some mouse meat.

The ophthalmic physiological test found that after eating mouse meat, the number of “rhodopsin” in the retinal membrane in the patient’s eyes increased, which enhanced the photosensitive performance of “rod cells with weak light sensing” and their night vision ability.

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