Why do bats like to live in groups

Bats like to live in groups. At most, there are 3000 bats per square meter in the nest. The reason why they live together is still a mystery.

Spanish scientists pointed out that it was initially thought that bats crowded together could increase the temperature of their habitat, but studies have shown that this is not the main reason. Later, scientists found that after hibernation, the average weight of social bats is higher than that of scattered bats, because some malnourished bats can share food with healthy bats. As for a large number of social bats, when their mothers go out to hunt, these small weaves gather together to protect each other from predators.

It is reported that bats can live up to 30 years. Female bats will not give birth until they mature at the age of 6-7. When they mature, they usually give birth to one cub a year.

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