Why did the giant panda become a vegetarian animal_ Why pandas eat bamboo

As we all know, giant pandas especially love bamboo and are typical vegetarians. In fact, the ancestors of giant pandas are carnivores, that is, they mainly eat meat to get energy. Why did giant pandas become vegetarian animals?What happened in this story?

Giant pandas have existed on the earth for 8 million years. Over the years, the earth’s environment has been constantly changing. As giant pandas mainly live in Sichuan, Gansu and other places, with changes, a large amount of bamboo grows in these places, but the prey is gradually reduced. Giant pandas are constantly trying to change in order to survive. Therefore, giant pandas have changed their feeding habits, changed from carnivores to vegetarians and began to eat bamboo, Its molars have also become particularly wide, suitable for grinding bamboo fibers. So far, giant pandas still retain the characteristic “canine teeth” of carnivores. Giant pandas love to eat arrow bamboo, ink bamboo and water bamboo, especially bamboo shoots. Giant pandas go to eat bamboo shoots somewhere on time every year.

the giant panda

Due to the limited energy of bamboo, giant pandas need to eat a lot of bamboo to eat, so it seems that giant pandas eat a lot. They eat dozens of kilograms of tender bamboo every day to absorb nutrition from a large amount of fiber. Because it digests a lot of fiber and lignin every day, it especially likes to drink water.

Of course, giant pandas occasionally “improve their lives” and eat other small animals. If they see bamboo mice, they will slap them to death and have a good meal. In addition, giant pandas will not take the initiative to hunt unless they are fed meat (it seems that they are not diligent).

the giant panda

How can a giant panda who only eats bamboo get so fat?
The reason is only three words, that is, eating more. Giant pandas can eat more than 100 kilograms of bamboo a day, and giant pandas like to eat the parts with high starch content of bamboo, such as bamboo shoots. The high content of starch and hemicellulose in bamboo shoots can supplement the physical strength and increase the weight of giant pandas. I’m afraid it’s hard for pandas to be fat if they can eat and drink.
Pandas can eat in four ways:
Sucking type: eating fluid food, such as drinking milk and water.

the giant panda


Licking type: it is used when eating thick porridge like food. The specific situation is to use the tongue as a spoon.

Bite cutting type: bite off the base of bamboo, and then peel off the bamboo skin. It is mainly used for eating hard or fiber rich food.

Gnawing type: gnawing the front teeth and then chewing, probably the same as the way we eat chicken legs, mainly by eating grass, steak, fruit, etc.

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