Why can dinosaurs become the boss of the Mesozoic?

If I ask you, who is the boss on earth now, you will not hesitate to say: of course, it is human!
Yes, today’s human beings are indeed the overlord on the earth. There are human footprints almost everywhere. Moreover, if there are too many places for human beings, the forests will be reduced and wild animals will disappear. In today’s world, the only one who can be called the overlord is human beings.

However, if we turn back time and go back to the Mesozoic era, it is certainly not humans that can be called the overlord, but dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are the rightful overlord and boss on the earth in the Mesozoic era.
During the Mesozoic era, dinosaurs had an absolute advantage in both species and quantity. At that time, there was nothing on earth that could beat their competitors. Amphibians were not rivals, let alone insects.
Why did dinosaurs become the boss of the Mesozoic era? One reason, of course, was that the natural conditions were so good at that time.

According to research, during the Mesozoic era, the earth’s climate was warm and humid, with small seasonal changes in a year, not too hot at the equator and not too cold at the poles.
On land, the terrain is flat, there are many rivers in many areas, and there are many large and small lakes. There are lush forests everywhere.
Such an environment has become a “hotbed” for cultivating dinosaurs. They grow and reproduce freely in such a beautiful environment. There is no need to worry about the disaster caused by environmental change. More than 100 million years have passed, and the number of dinosaurs can be imagined.

Secondly, dinosaurs have strong evolutionary potential. In the self respecting world, dinosaurs monopolize the best ecological environment on land. Some of their opponents were forced into the sea and some into the sky. However, they developed rapidly on land and flourished for a time, becoming the worthy boss of the Mesozoic era.

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