White deer and yellow deer

Moose is native to Europe. It is a small and medium-sized deer. It inhabits in forest, shrub and grassland and propagates faster. At first glance, the moose is similar to the sika deer, but the individual of the sika deer is slightly larger. The antlers of the moose are thinner, the upper part of the antlers is flat or palm shaped, the tail is slightly longer, and the sex is gentle. There are many varieties of moose, such as blackening and albinism. Common deer have spots on their bodies, which are easy to be confused with sika deer. Generally, they live in the woods of the Mediterranean in southern Europe. They like to live in groups and eat grass, twigs and leaves. Especially good at running. Its fur is brownish yellow in summer with white spots, and turns gray with black stripes in winter. The antlers on the head are usually 60 cm long. It was initially distributed in most parts of Europe in history, and the Holocene distribution area was limited to the Middle East and the Mediterranean coast. In Roman times, moose gradually expanded to central Europe. Reindeer are domesticated in many parts of the world.

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