What does the crow represent? Ten ugly bird calls

Crows are omnivorous and eat grains, berries, insects, carrion and eggs of other birds. Many species like to eat carrion and are harmful to seedlings and grains. However, during the breeding period, it mainly feeds on small vertebrates, locusts, mole crickets, golden turtle beetles and moth larvae, which is beneficial to agriculture. In addition, it likes to eat and peck agricultural garbage, which can eliminate the environmental pollution caused by animal carcasses and play a role in purifying the environment.
What does the crow represent? Ten ugly bird calls
What spirit does the crow represent?

Crows symbolize death, fear and bad luck.
Most people’s view is that in the records of ancient witch books, crows, like black cats, are often synonymous with death, fear and bad luck. The crow’s cry is regarded as a bad omen and an ominous omen. People think that the crow’s cry will take away people’s life and soul. Therefore, crows are hated by people and regarded as a great ominous bird.
Because the crow has a keen sense of smell and can feel the smell of corruption and death, it will be considered an ominous bird. Crows like to aggregate, which is used as a derogatory term, such as “mob”, which is used to refer to groups that gather temporarily like crows without organization or training.

Top ten ugly bird calls:

1、 Rhododendron
Cuckoo can be described as the most frightening bird in the world. Most people will feel very afraid after hearing the cuckoo’s cry. Cuckoo’s blood must be something bad.
2、 Crow
It is said that the magpie calls the crow to report the funeral. The crow itself is dark and has no vitality. Moreover, the crow’s cry is very low, especially in the dead of night, it is very frightening to hear the crow’s cry.
3、 Owl
The owl looks very cute from the outside, but the owl is also a very bad symbol. Generally, hearing the cry of the owl indicates that someone in the family is about to die.
4、 Ostrich
Ostrich is the largest bird in the world. Ostrich muscles are very developed. If ordinary people dare to provoke ostrich, once they are kicked by ostrich, the consequences will be unimaginable.
5、 Wasp
No one dares to poke a horse honeycomb. The wasp is very different from ordinary bees. Bees collecting honey can benefit mankind, and horse bee venom can kill people.
6、 Terrorist bird
As the name suggests, the terrorist bird is a very scary bird. The weight of the terrorist bird is very large. The most common terrorist bird will exceed 300 kg, so the appearance of the terrorist bird is very frightening.
7、 Lin Ling
Lin Ling is almost similar to ordinary owls. It also likes to carry out activities at night, and also likes to use night to disguise itself, which often surprises people.
8、 Horror bird
Like terrorist birds and ostriches, scary birds are very strong and weigh a lot. They can’t spread their wings and fly, but can only run on land.
9、 Four winged bird
Normal birds have only two wings, but four winged birds have four wings. They fly in the sky and feel like a huge plane.
10、 Titan bird
Titan is an extinct bird, but once this bird was the most powerful of all bird creatures. It was not only strong, but also had superior combat effectiveness.

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