What does the call of topaz represent? How many nests can Topaz breed a year

Topaz has higher requirements in management than ordinary caged ornamental birds. The feces at the bottom of the cage shall be removed 2 ~ 3 times a week. The food tank and water tank shall be brushed once a day and replaced with new food and water. The habitat bar shall be washed once every 3 days, bathed at least once a week, and the claw nails shall be trimmed in time.
What does the yelling of a topaz stand for?

What does the call of topaz represent? How many nests can Topaz breed a year1. Clothes: it has its own… Jade birds are afraid of cold. Pay attention to keeping warm in winter. But you can’t sun it in summer. In summer, I usually block part of the top of the cage with a cloth. If it wants to bask in the sun, it will go to a cool place if it doesn’t want to.

2. Food: generally eat millet (millet is better), dry and crush the egg skin, mix it into millet and supplement calcium; Boil egg yolk and break it into small pieces to supplement nutrition; Su Zi, there are places to sell grain. It’s not easy to find. We have to go to more places. Eating it can make the hair bright and shiny; Grass seeds, you can go to the grass to pick, they like it very much; They like to eat fresh fruits and vegetables properly every day, but they can’t feed too much and have diarrhea (reference amount: in summer, a bird has two rape hearts a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, which can’t be given together; in winter, it can be reduced as appropriate)

3. Live: Jade birds are easy to fight. The cage should be large. Pay attention not to put birds of the same sex or with a large age gap together. In addition, they like to find some soft things to pad in the grass nest, such as torn newspapers.

4. OK: No, you don’t want them to run away from home

5. Use: the cage should be cleaned every day, otherwise it is easy to get sick; The standing pole should be brushed regularly, otherwise the legs and feet will be inflamed; I really like taking a bath. I need to prepare a bathtub; Bath water and drinking water should be separated. Prepare a water bowl. It knows to find clean water to drink

How many nests can a topaz breed a year?

Jade birds generally start mating and breeding in April and may every year. The incubation period is 12-14 days. After 30 days, the nestlings come out of the nest. Under normal circumstances, they can breed two to three nests of young birds a year. A small amount of white perilla should be added to the feed one month before the matching time, but it should not be too much. Otherwise, it will cause poor estrus, less eggs and low fertilization rate.

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