The thief cat went to the store to take cat food. The whole crime process was recorded

Boss ~ a hairy hand is not clean! In Almaty, Kazakhstan, nazym, a 22-year-old medical student, was shopping in a store with friends. As soon as he went to the pet area, there was a strange cat that appeared out of nowhere. He seemed to have bad intentions in the face of a wide range of cat food. He not only recognized what the contents of cat food were, but also calculated a sky stealing action in his heart!

This bag smells good!

It’s up to you!

I’ll take it home!

The cat was found sneaking in the pet area and making a bad idea about the cat food on the shelf. It licked several mouthfuls of packaging, then made a flowing act of stealing, stabbed and took away the cat food, completely ignoring passers-by. Nazym witnessed the crime of the thief cat and recorded the whole strange experience.

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