The soft footed kitten grasps the bottle very tightly, and the slave smiles: it’s all empty!

How hungry! Netizen Lulu has a milk cat about two months old. Although he has followed the frequency of feeding every four hours, the kitten is still very eager for food. He even holds an empty bottle and asks the slave to laugh while watching: “it’s empty!”.

Greedy baby cat clings to the empty bottle!

Lovely little milk cat.

▲ I like to pose like a living Buddha lying on one side.


This beautiful little kitten named Xiaohu was found in the bus engine with three brothers and sisters. At that time, it coincided with the raging fireworks typhoon in Northern Taiwan. Lulu’s relatives quickly rescued the “soup cats” and wiped them dry. They put them in a box and quietly waited for the cat’s mother to show up. After waiting for a while, the wet kitten gradually weakened with the cool wind, Seeing that the situation was critical, he took all the babies home. Under careful care and feeding, the next day the four milk cats were full of energy and alive!

Four kittens were found in the engine that day!

After Lu Lu learned that her relatives had picked up the cat, she decided to include one, which is today’s protagonist tiger. Xiaohu is a family member and likes to cuddle up with slaves. After taking it home, he doesn’t have any discomfort. He drinks milk and sleeps freely every day, just like he originally lived in this home. At the beginning, the little tiger’s legs and feet were bad and he would have soft feet from time to time, so Lulu often urged him to practice walking. However, facing the very weak tiger on the floor, he was completely “hard” when he got the bottle, and his two hands held the bottle tightly!

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