The little hairball trembled in the grass. It rubbed its face and spoiled: Thank you for saving me!

▲ a foreign woman found a trembling baby Dongmei horned owl in the grass.


When a woman was about to go home a few days ago, she found a cat crossing the road towards the residential area. Driven by curiosity, she followed it. Unexpectedly, when she passed through the grass, she suddenly heard a voice. It looked carefully and thought it was a “Dandelion”. Unexpectedly, it was shaking. Only then did she find that it was a baby owl

When Nicky was tracking a cat a few days ago, she accidentally found a single baby Dongmei horn owl in the grass. It made a cry for help. Its small body kept shaking.


Nikki Robinson Nikki is a wildlife keeper. She usually likes to travel around and take pictures of various animals. When she was going home on a hike a few days ago, she saw a cat crossing the road to the house. Nikki followed it curiously to ensure its safety. Unexpectedly, she suddenly heard a strange sound when passing through the grass, When I came closer, I saw a small hairball trembling next to the dandelion. It turned out that it was a baby Dongmei horned owl that fell from nowhere! Nicky looked everywhere for the bird’s nest, but she couldn’t find it. In addition, she saw it trembling and worried about its injury, so she immediately called several colleagues who worked together and immediately took it into the car.

Nicky took it into the car and used the car’s heated cushion to keep it warm, but it seemed to have other ideas

No matter how Nicky puts it in the box, it just jumps on Nicky.

▲ dongmeijiao baby: (rubbing) thank you for saving me!

Nicky found a box and put it in the towel, and used the heated cushion on the car to keep it warm. Unexpectedly, the Baby Owl jumped on her. Finally, it stopped shaking on her shoulder and snuggled against her cheek! Nicky quickly took it to the wildlife rehabilitation center. After staying in the incubator all night, the baby owl’s spirit has indeed improved a lot. Now, when it grows up slowly, it can return to nature!

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