Popular science knowledge of interesting animals for primary school students

1. Squid
There is an ink bag in the squid’s body. There is thick black ink in it. It can quickly spray out when encountering enemies, dye the surrounding sea water black and protect itself from escape.
2. Gecko
The gecko’s tail is thin and long. When attacked by the enemy, the tail will automatically break off. After leaving the body, the tail can swing continuously to attract the enemy, but they themselves run away.
3. Hedgehog
When the enemy comes, he rolls his body into a ball and buries his head in the middle, so that the greedy opponent has no way to eat.
4. Lizards, snakes, frogs, chameleons, etc
Lizards, snakes, frogs, chameleons and other animals have protective colors, also known as camouflage colors, that is, their colors are very similar to their living environment, just like wearing invisibility vests, which makes it difficult for the enemy to find them.
5. Small insects
When disturbed, many small insects will lie on the ground motionless and pretend to be dead. When there was no movement, he suddenly turned his body over and ran away in a hurry.
6. Weasel
When the weasel meets danger, it will emit smelly farts, which are coquettish and smelly, making it difficult for the enemy to approach.

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