How to choose a purebred Labrador

Labrador is one of the three non aggressive dog breeds in the world. It is gentle, kind and obedient. So now there are more and more people raising it. How should purebred Lala choose?

1. Lala head
The head is wide and well-defined, the cheeks are not plump, the nose is wide, and the nostrils are well developed. The tone is strong, but not narrow. The teeth and jaws are of medium size, the jaws and teeth are strong, and have a complete and regular scissor bite, that is, the upper teeth are tightly fastened to the lower teeth, and the jaw is square. Eyes of equal size, smart eyes and show their gentle temperament. Brown or light brown. The ears are neither big nor heavy, close to the head and behind!

2. Lala hair color
There are many colors of Labradors, mainly yellow, black and chocolate. Labradors are short haired dogs. Their hair is short and dense and does not appear wavy. They feel hard when touching. When raising Labradors, they should know that although Labradors are short haired dogs, they also have hair loss. Most of the hair loss is caused by feeding too salty, so they must be light when feeding Labradors, Try to feed low salt and light high-quality dog food to alleviate hair loss!

3. Pulling claws
Pure Labrador has strong and compact claws, arched toes and well-developed foot pads. Open feet, rabbit feet, joint protrusion, or inward bending and outward turning of feet are serious defects. The front legs are straight and the bones are strong. Viewed from the side, the elbows are just below the withers, and the forelegs are perpendicular to the ground and in a proper position below the body. The elbows are close to the ribs and show no signs of loosening.
4. Pull the tail
Lala’s tail is very special, which is also its unique feature. It forms a flowing curve from the top of the head to the tip of the tail. The tail is covered with short, thick and dense coat, which gives people a sense of roundness. Therefore, it is called otter tail. During exercise and rest, the tail is straight and cannot be curled behind, so it is also important to look at the tail when selecting!
5. Pull your hind legs

When viewed from the rear, the hind legs are straight and parallel to each other. Viewed from the side, the angle of the hindquarters is in harmony with the forequarters. The bones and muscles of the hind legs are strong, and the angle of the knee joint is moderate. The knee joint is strong and will not slide when moving or standing. The hocks are strong and low in position. They will not slide or stretch too much during exercise or standing. The angle between knee joint and hock joint reaches the best position, which can well balance the driving force and traction. When standing, the toes of the hind legs are slightly behind the hips. The Labrador hound’s hindquarters are broad, muscular, very clear from the hips to the hocks, good knee rotation, and short and strong hocks!

Taboos for raising Lala:
1. The puppy can’t take a bath and get vaccinated immediately when he gets home, because the Lala immunity is relatively low at this time. Vaccination can only be given when the dog is completely healthy, not indiscriminately, which will endanger the dog’s health. Vaccination should meet three conditions: ① if there is a drug history, stop the drug for a period of time according to different drugs; ② To the hospital, the physical examination was normal. ③ When you get home, your health will be maintained for 10-15 days.
2. The intestines and stomach of puppies are relatively fragile, so do not feed some indigestible food to dogs. Puppies will be prone to indigestion and diarrhea. It is best to note that some probiotics are at home and fed 2 ~ 3 times a week to regulate the dog’s intestines, protect intestinal health, improve immunity, improve vomiting and diarrhea.
3. Puppies 2 months ago can’t eat dry dog food and can’t feed pure milk, which can easily lead to puppy diarrhea. They can feed goat milk. Goat milk is close to breast milk and has high nutritional value, which is in line with the dog’s intestines and stomach. Or soak dog food and then feed it, which is easy to digest and absorb. They should also form a good habit of regular and quantitative feeding.
Conclusion: the above are the skills of selecting Lala. I hope it will help you. I also wish you to choose your favorite dog as soon as possible~

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