How much is the price of a thrush? How should a thrush be selected

Thrush is a wild protected animal, which is not allowed to be traded. Now there are many thrush birds, so how much is its price?
Thrushes are divided into fighting birds and calling birds. The market price of fighting birds is high, ranging from 800 to 4000 yuan. The better the variety, the higher the price. The top fighting birds also cost tens of thousands of yuan. Calling birds is cheaper than fighting birds. The market price of a thrush calling bird is about 50 to 80 yuan. Novice friends can choose to call birds.

How should thrushes be selected?

Test by yourself. Generally, the thrush bird is selected through the row cage, so the comparison between the thrush birds is also obvious. We can slowly move from the head of the row cage to the end. If a thrush bird starts jumping or flying around, it means that the thrush bird can be ruled out. If a thrush bird always looks up, it means that it is very easy for the thrush bird to look up, If a thrush is ready to rush down or jump directly to the bottom of the cage, this kind of thrush is a very timid type. No matter how you raise it, it may be difficult to become a tool. And those thrushes that look left and right, turn their eyes and keep their claws on the bar are also the targets we need to choose.

Of course, selecting thrush birds is only some experience and suggestions. The real selection of birds still needs to consider the price of thrush birds and their own preferences. For example, if a keeper with obsessive-compulsive disorder chooses an awkward looking thrush bird to raise, it will make both the keeper and the bird very tired in the future breeding process. Even if it is a good singing bird, it is estimated that it will become a waste bird, Because the selection of birds is on the one hand, and the later cultivation of thrushes is also very important.

Observe their behavior when selecting birds. Generally, thrushes who do “singing” and “beating” are most afraid of looking up. Therefore, when we select birds, we can’t choose thrushes with pecking or looking up symptoms, otherwise the subsequent feeding will make you very distressed. In addition to looking up birds, those thrush birds that jump in the cage and are restless for a moment can’t be selected. Thrush birds that always jump around are unstable, so it’s not easy to take the cage after buying back, let alone open their mouth. We need to choose those who have divine eyes and double claws, and they won’t panic when they see people approaching. They even sing a few times occasionally. This kind of thrush is more suitable for “singing”.

In fact, the appearance is also quite basic, and we often see it at ordinary times, but let’s talk more. The original hair thrush bird is unstable and variable, but the price is cheap. It’s suitable for novices to practice. You can also choose if you want to pick up a leak. If you want to start a singing bird, you’d better choose all the hair thrush birds! Most of the thrush birds that are good at singing are large square headed and small square headed. Although round headed thrush birds can’t sing well, the price is low. Thrush birds that are good at singing generally have curved eyebrows and large tails, and their tails look like fans.

Bird friends often say, thrush bird head nest hit, two nest call, three nest four I don’t want. If you choose singing birds, your physical quality requirements are not as strict as those of playing birds. When selecting singing birds, you mainly look at these aspects. When purchasing thrush birds with neat feathers, bird friends will screen them according to the sound and singing ability of thrush birds. Bird friends who pay attention to this selection method mainly raise singing birds. As one of the four largest songbirds in China, thrush birds have changeable and rhythmic calls, and their calls are loud, good at imitating the calls of other birds.

Thrushes only have one nest a year. If there is enough food in the territory, it will scare the breeding of the second nest. Thrushes breeding the third nest are very rare. When bird friends buy thrush nest chicks, they generally choose the thrush birds born in the first nest, that is, the thrush birds born in spring. During this period, there are fewer birds and sufficient food, and the overall development of the nest chicks is better than that of the second nest. When the second nest birds are born, there are more birds and less food, and the overall operation is not as good as that of the first nest thrush birds. In terms of price, the first nest of thrushes will be more expensive.


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