Giraffes are distributed in the East and south of the Sahara desert in Africa and West Africa. They are the highest mammals in the world, up to 6.09 meters. Its horn is very special. There are two cartilage protrusions on the male and female heads, some between the forehead and eyes. This is its horn. The shoulders are higher than the hips, giving the body an obvious slope. There are large and irregular brown spots on the body, and the background color is white. Giraffes like to live in the tropical grassland with sparse trees or the grassland with acacia. They often live in large groups of up to dozens, led by a male deer, and the rest are female and young deer of all ages. They are timid by nature and will escape at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour when they encounter enemies. They are called “dumb” in the animal kingdom because of their tall body, wide field of vision and excellent vision, but they can’t pronounce. It mainly feeds on Acacia leaves, bamboo leaves, seeds and fruits, and generally forages in the morning and dusk. When a giraffe walks, its front and rear legs on the same side walk at the same time, just like “pendulum movement”. They are not only tall, but also have high blood pressure. In order to ensure that the blood is sent to the brain, the blood pressure of its heart is twice as high as that of young people.

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