Breeding mode of monkey Hawk

Ape eating Eagles start nesting from October to December every year. Most of them choose big trees growing on the slope of the valley and build their nests in the platform formed by ferns attached to the big trees. The height from the ground is generally about 30 meters. Each nest produces only one egg, and the incubation period is about 2 months. The frequency of food given by males to females and chicks is different. In the case of poor food, because the male brings too little food to the hatching female, the female has to leave the nest and eggs and hunt by herself. This situation often leads to hatching failure and eventually abandoning the nest.

In the natural state, the reproduction rate of ape eating eagle is very low. Not only the number of eggs is too small, but also it takes two years to feed a young bird. Because it takes more than four months for the young birds to grow their feathers, and even if they have grown their feathers, they still have to stay in the field of parent birds until the second year. Young birds may still need to be fed by their parents during the period when they learn their own predation techniques. Therefore, only when the young birds leave the parent bird’s field can the parent birds nest again and breed. Only when the young birds die young can the parent birds continue to nest and breed in the winter of that year.

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