A smart golden retriever who helps the owner get the express

If there is a dog at home as a pet, it can’t be happier. There are many kinds of dogs, tall and handsome, petite and lovely, but appearance is not the main reason why people keep dogs. What’s more important is that dogs are loyal to humans. Although dogs have only a short life of more than ten years, as long as you treat a dog sincerely, dogs are willing to spend their whole life with you and guard you.

We have seen many videos of smart dogs on the Internet. Dogs do whatever their owners ask them to do. Shaking hands and picking up balls are pediatrics. Some dogs can count arithmetic, which is enviable. In fact, these are artificially trained. As long as we grasp the opportunity, we can also train a good obedient dog. The one-year-old dog is particularly important. As long as the owner can raise and educate well at this time, the dog will become the owner’s capable assistant. A netizen raised a smart and obedient golden hair.

Now people like to shop online. They can buy whatever they want when they sit at home, but now people live in the community, the floors are very high, and express delivery is not sent upstairs. It’s too troublesome to go out and get express delivery. This netizen also likes shopping, but he doesn’t bother to go out to get express, so he thinks of the dog at home. On weekdays, dogs have been taught many things. Why not train them to get express? So he began to take the dog to get the express. He was skilled in coming and going. The courier also knew the dog. The owner began to stay at home and let Jinmao get the express himself. Because the family lives on the third floor, you can clearly see the whereabouts of the dog. The courier saw the dog and gave it to the dog. The dog took the bag and went home. Gradually, the owner asked the golden hair at home to pick up such packages as clothes.

Once a friend living in a community saw it and thought it was fun. He asked him what was going on, so he told his friend. Friends also trained their golden hair to get express, just for fun, and soon learned. Then one time, two poor little guys went to get the express, met on the way, and their eyes revealed helplessness. Jinmao helped the owner get the express. His companion’s expression lit up. He seemed to say, “it’s too difficult to raise people on earth!”. He also had to take the express. It’s hard to be a dog these days. He has to send the express part-time. It’s pathetic. This picture is really funny. I confirmed my eyes. I met the right dog ~ but Jinmao is really a kind of dog with high IQ. No wonder so many people raise it. Understand people’s words, learn everything, and be docile, obey human beings, and be very independent of each other. If you want to have a dog, it’s a good choice, and the golden baby is also super cute and smiles like an angel. I believe that with the company of dogs, every day of life will be happy

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