Dental care of Bomei dog

The first step is to promote oral health. Contact your veterinarian for a thorough oral examination. Your pet dog may need to wash its teeth. Like people, it needs the attention of professionals. Your pet needs to be anesthetized during tooth washing. Anesthesia can reduce the related risks. If you have any concerns about anesthesia, please discuss with your veterinarian.

The second step is home care to remove tartar. Toothbrush is a very effective method. When most veterinarians introduce oral hygiene, they often include brushing their pets’ teeth. The softness and shape of the toothbrush should be suitable for the pet’s mouth and teeth, which is very important. Pet toothpaste has a fragrance that can be absorbed without gargling. Don’t use human toothpaste or sodium bicarbonate. These substances usually contain ingredients that are unbearable to dogs. If you can’t brush his teeth, the veterinarian will introduce an antibacterial cleanser or cleanser to your pet. This is specially made for pets. It can be used every day to slowly remove the deposits on the teeth.

Step 3 diet is the main factor causing tartar and stones. Soft or sticky substances can form dental plaque, causing diseases around the teeth. Dry diet and biscuits, and newly developed foods can help eliminate plaque on teeth. In addition, dog bite glue can also be used for cats and dogs. When you don’t brush his teeth, you can bite some dog glue. It’s a good way. However, only a toothbrush can remove plaque and residual food in the teeth. Dental plaque can cause bacterial reproduction and cause inflammation and infection.

Step 4 home care shows that brushing your pet’s teeth is very simple and doesn’t take much time. First, find a time when you and your pet are free. In the first few days, as usual, when you hold it, simply brush it. Gently touch its cheek with your fingers for one or two minutes, and you can give it appropriate protection and praise. Put some animal toothpaste on your fingers and let the pet taste it. In a few days, it can adapt to this way. Your pet likes toothpaste, then consider how to treat it, and then guide your pet to use a toothbrush or hand brush, foam a little toothpaste on the toothbrush, gently lift the upper lip, use the toothbrush to move slowly along the teeth, and gently brush the teeth and gums. Gradually increase the number of teeth brushing every day, but slowly. Don’t brush far away. The brushing time should be increased to about 30 seconds and brush to every corner. After brushing, give your pet some praise and rewards. If you have any questions about brushing your pet’s teeth, you can contact your veterinarian.

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