Dental health management method of Bomei dog

Bomei dogs also have oral diseases. To avoid oral diseases in Bomei dogs, we must first rely on the feeding of pet owners. Pomeranians swallow food without chewing. Therefore, the teeth of Pomeranian dogs are not so much for eating and chewing as a weapon to protect their own safety. Another kind of odor is halitosis. Halitosis is caused by diseases of kidney and other internal organs, but most of it is caused by gum disease or Tartar due to poor tooth management. Prevention of tartar or gingivitis is also important, but it is more important to prevent tartar or gum disease by gargling at home. Dog toothpaste is different from human toothpaste. It is made without aminotransferase in foam powder. It’s OK to eat it. Toothbrush is to choose the dog’s teeth of appropriate size. You must teach it the habit of brushing teeth 4 months ago. Many dogs refuse to brush their teeth when they grow up, which has become a difficult problem of war between them. In addition, when the gums have turned red or the tooth scale is severe, only brushing your teeth at home can not get rid of bad breath, so you have to consult the veterinarian. Let the Bomei dog start from the habit of brushing his teeth. Don’t start directly when training the habit of gargling for the first time. Use a toothbrush made of rubber like a game to make the dog more comfortable. This is a habit. The Pomeranian dog can use a normal toothbrush when it is easy to respond. There is often dental tartar or gum disease, which is related to the dog’s constitution or other diseases. At first, just put the toothbrush in the mouth of the Pomeranian dog and give it some rewards. The point is not to make the Pomeranian feel like brushing his teeth from now on. Start cleaning from all positions without causing resentment to the Pomeranian dog. At the beginning, it’s not difficult to control the mood of Pomeranian dogs for 15 seconds each time, is it? Food management also has an important impact on teeth. It’s good to feed hard feed at ordinary times. The judgment that small feed particles are good feed is absolutely wrong. If dogs don’t like to eat things that feed people, tooth management also needs more time and sincerity. Generally, brush your teeth at a distance of 1-3 days. It’s better to brush your teeth every day.

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