What is the feeding method of white Chai dog

Firewood dog has high ornamental and breeding value. It is a pet that many people like to keep. The following carefully recommends the feeding skills of white Chai dog for you, hoping to help you.
Feeding method of white firewood dog
1. Diet must be fed regularly and quantitatively. Firewood dogs are small hounds / working dogs, so they don’t eat too much. In addition, the requirements of firewood dogs for food will not be too high. When a firewood dog becomes an adult, it can be fed. Firewood dogs need to pay special attention to dietary nutrition when they are young. It is important to provide rich trace elements such as protein and calcium. Animal protein can be fed to animal viscera, such as animal heart or liver, or egg yolk, milk and other protein and fat rich foods to supplement nutrition. Adult firewood dogs are recommended to feed dog food. The amount of feeding should not be too much. It is better to eat less and more meals, which is good for the dog’s digestion. There is also a standard for multiple feeding. Dogs aged 2 to 4 months can be fed four times a day, dogs aged 4 to 6 months can be fed three times a day, and then twice a day. In addition, leftover food must be replaced in order to develop good eating habits.

2. Often take your dog to exercise to improve the resistance of firewood dogs to diseases. Firewood dog is a kind of small hound, so the demand for sports is still relatively large. Therefore, we must ensure that we take it out for a walk every day, or let it run indoors, exercise and consume too much physical energy. In this way, it will not damage the items in the home.

3. Daily cleaning and nursing work. The firewood dog is not big, and there is not much hair loss. The daily cleaning and nursing work is still relatively simple, but it must be done regularly. For example, you should comb the hair of a Chai dog 1-2 times a day to keep the hair clean and smooth and avoid hair balling; The buccal cavity should be cleaned about 3 times a week, and the ears, eyes and anal glands should be cleaned once a week to ensure that the dog’s body is clean and free from germs; In addition, we should also take a bath, shave and trim our toenails regularly to ensure that our dogs are healthy and beautiful.

4. Do a good job in the prevention of Chai dog diseases. In summer, we should pay attention to cooling and heatstroke prevention to avoid heatstroke and infectious diseases in firewood dogs. Winter should do a good job of cold prevention and warmth, to avoid Chai dogs getting sick. In addition, parents should regularly expel pests in vivo and in vitro for firewood dogs, regularly go to the hospital for physical examination, and then conduct vaccine injection, so as to prevent canine distemper, minor and other infectious diseases, so as to ensure the health of firewood dogs.

5. Formulate a sound training plan. Firewood dog is a very obedient dog, but if you can train it from an early age and restrict its wrong behaviors, especially firewood dog sometimes has an independent personality and sometimes has some problems in obedience, it must be corrected in time. This is essential for dogs to adapt to your family life in the future.
Feeding skills of firewood dogs
For the first time, don’t buy too much, but buy two or three kinds in small quantities to see the reaction of the little Chai dog after eating; Including palatability, degree of digestion and absorption, and shape of excreta. Each variety says its products are the best, cheap and big bowl. You might as well consult a doctor and experienced people. It’s good to give the firewood dog a full meal. Don’t overdo it and let it lick the bowl; If you eat too much and run and jump after dinner, it’s easy to spit out intact. Dogs kept in cages all year round have a rare entertainment, so they will be greedy like starving to death. Don’t be deceived by them and think they are really hungry. But the firewood dog that always doesn’t eat enough, has little activity and bad excretion may be really ill. It’s best to take it to see a doctor. When you want to change the food for the firewood dog, don’t change it all at once. Mix half of the new food every time, try it for two or three days, gradually increase the new weight, and then use it all in a week. In this way, the digestive system of the Chai dog can adapt, otherwise it is easy to dysentery. Many parents think that the firewood dog wants to gnaw a bone. In fact, gnawing a bone is easy to block the firewood dog’s intestines, make it constipated, cause vomiting and poor appetite. Chicken bones, in particular, must not be. Because they are small and brittle, they are easy to plug the esophagus and pierce the bone intestines. When feeding, you must give sufficient water at the same time. You don’t have to use distilled water or boiled water. The intestines and stomach of the Chai dog don’t care about these. In short, when feeding regularly, quantitatively and at a fixed point, the little Chaigou is happy and the whole family is happy. When owners raise Yangzhou firewood dogs, these key feeding work should be paid attention to and mastered by owners. Because these are the most important work that owners should do well in the process of feeding, it is necessary for everyone to master these most basic feeding work and feeding methods, which is also the work that owners must do well in order to ensure the health of firewood dogs.
Precautions for raising firewood dogs
First: it’s best to buy a puppy in a professional kennel or an individual breeder. Because this can ensure the dog’s health. And generally such dogs have been vaccinated. If you buy a puppy from a street dog dealer, I suggest you take the puppy to the pet hospital for a detailed examination. And communicate with the doctor about the time when the vaccine should be injected. Because the dog in the hands of dog dealers can’t guarantee its health because of the complex growing environment. And most dog dealers inject serum into their puppies. So you can’t be sure if the dog is sick. When it got sick, it was too late. Second: just to a new environment, the dog may bark because of anxiety, especially when the light is turned off at night. At this time, as a master, you should prepare enough food and water, prepare a warm and comfortable nest or cushion for it, pad it with your soft old clothes, and put the nest where it can see you at any time (such as the bedside and the root of the bedroom wall), which can reduce its fear. If it still calls, don’t turn on the light to comfort it as soon as it calls. Just comfort it twice. It will be quiet after a few days.. Third: puppies who just got home can’t take a bath. Especially those puppies that haven’t been vaccinated. If you feel dirty, you can wipe the puppy’s body with a towel dipped in warm water. You can also buy pet specific dry cleaning powder to dry clean the dog’s body (more suitable for long haired dogs). Fourth: no matter how hot the weather is, dogs can’t blow the air conditioner for a long time. Especially dogs. Try not to blow the air conditioner, which is very easy to catch cold and induce diseases. Even a fan. You shouldn’t blow the tuyere towards the dog. Be sure to keep warm when the weather is cold. Fifth: the defecation problem of the dog who just got home. Generally speaking. Dogs don’t urinate at fixed points very consciously. The baby can urinate at will. So is the dog. At this time, the host should adopt a tolerant attitude. Get ready for training. The normal BB color of dogs is usually yellow or tan. Some are darker or yellowish white. Mainly related to the food you eat. Moderate soft and hard. It’s best to pick up some traces on the ground with your hands. Sixth: puppies who have not received vaccination within 3 months should not be taken out. Seventh: some little dogs like to destroy things. Even bite the master’s hands and feet. Because of the growth of deciduous teeth, dogs will feel very itchy and must be very uncomfortable. At this time, we should buy some molar things for it, such as molar bone (made of cow leather, which can be eaten), tooth cleaning rope, dog bite stick, vegetable stick and so on. Biting hands and feet may be a favorite performance. If the dog doesn’t know the strength of pinch, it may hurt. When it hurts, let go of your throat and shout bitterly! A dog with clothes may ask to go out with you when there are enough toys. It may also be in the process of shaking his clothes, which aroused his curiosity. After all, dogs prefer dynamic things. Once it sees the clothes, the owner will open his mouth, then take the toy to it and tell it that this is the toy. If necessary, he can pat his forehead and nose, or teach him.

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