What are the feeding skills of white Chai dog

The growth period of firewood dog puppies is a very important period. At this time, how should we raise white firewood dogs? The following carefully recommends the feeding method of white firewood dog for you, hoping to help you.
Feeding skills of white firewood dog
Food: the feeding time shall be generally arranged in the daytime, which is suitable for the general activity law of animals. If you have three meals a day, you can eat breakfast at about 8:00, lunch at about 1:00 and dinner at about 6:00. The composition and quantity of food are basically the same as that of 2 months old. As the dog grows up day by day, the amount should be appropriately increased. Generally, every 3 ~ 5 days, the original amount can be increased by about 1 / 5. Generally, the individual size and leg bone thickness of puppies are related to heredity, but not much to the amount of food and nutritional status. In the growth and development stage, each part does not grow evenly, such as the main growth body and body weight from birth to 3 months, the main growth body length at 4 ~ 5 months, and the main growth body height after 7 months. Therefore, during the growth and development period, we should pay special attention to both balanced nutrition and sufficient nutrients. If the dog eats too much, it is easy to hurt the stomach and affect the gastrointestinal function. If you eat too little, you can’t guarantee the nutrients necessary for the growth and development of the body. The body is thin and has poor resistance. Once you get sick, it is more dangerous. Dogs in the growth and development stage generally have balanced nutrients and nutritious food (solid or semi liquid food). The daily feeding amount per kilogram of body weight is about 60 ~ 70 grams, and it is divided into 3 ~ 4 times. Excretion: eat three times a day, and defecate about three times. How much is a Japanese firewood dog? Sometimes it urinates because of happiness or fear. This is a manifestation of emotional richness or neuroticism. It is generally difficult to control, but it can disappear naturally after adulthood. Education: basic education for dogs and education to develop good eating habits. She is not allowed to play while eating. If she suddenly stops to play while eating, she can take her food away and let her eat it at the next feeding. If she eats well, she can be praised. Be gentle with your puppies and don’t scold them too much. Health: monthly health examination and urination test. Regular anthelmintic and preventive injection: after the vaccine is injected at the age of 2 months, due to the incomplete development of the whole immune mechanism and the lack of immunity, repeated injection is needed to enhance the immunity of the body. Rabies vaccine must be injected when the pup is 3 months old. This is the provisions of the dog law. It is also her right for the dog and an obligation for the owner. Special attention: the 3-month-old dog is easy to pick up things from the ground and eat. Sometimes unexpected things also enter her stomach, such as buttons, small stones, needles, nails and plastic. These foreign bodies are easy to damage gastric milk and intestinal mucosa or cause intestinal obstruction. When the dog is found to have severe vomiting and abdominal pain, X-ray examination should be considered. If it is determined to be obstruction, surgery and other measures should be taken in time, otherwise it may endanger life.
Feeding method of firewood dog
First: prepare a comfortable nest and choose the firewood dog as the breeding. We need to install a nest for him. The kennel is best placed indoors to prevent the dog from getting sick in the cold outdoors; Especially in winter, it is necessary to keep the kennel clean and add some warm substances; As a place to rest and sleep, the kennel needs a certain space and should not be too narrow; Second: take a bath and take care of the firewood dog regularly. It is a clean dog. It needs to comb its hair and take a bath regularly. Especially after going out for activities, it is likely to bring a lot of dirt; In hot summer, wash it once a week or so, and once every 10 days in autumn and winter; After bathing, comb the hair with a comb to keep the hair clean and smooth, and touch the dog with your hand to get close to each other; We also need to take care of the dog’s mouth at an interval of one week; Third: an appropriate amount of exercise firewood dog, as a small hound, has a certain amount of activity. It should not be locked at home every day. It needs to take it out for activities every day and run regularly to enhance its physique and maintain its original nature at the same time; It is suitable to exercise 30 minutes to 1 hour every day; Fourth: we can only live independently after scientifically feeding firewood dogs for four months. It is generally recommended that four months ago, we feed dogs four times a day, mainly nutritious milk and egg yolk; After 6 months, feed 3 times a day, and you can feed some animal viscera, etc; Adult dogs can be fed twice a day, mainly with dog food and meat; Fifth: regular inspection, do a good job of vaccine and insect repellent. During the feeding process, dogs need to prevent and treat major diseases at all times, go to the pet hospital to do some inspection regularly, and vaccinate appropriately according to the doctor’s suggestions; Form the habit of eating, defecating and exercising.
Feeding methods of firewood dogs
For the first time, don’t buy too much, but buy two or three kinds in small quantities to see the reaction of the little Chai dog after eating; Including palatability, degree of digestion and absorption, and shape of excreta. Each variety says its products are the best, cheap and big bowl. You might as well consult a doctor and experienced people. It’s good to give the firewood dog a full meal. Don’t overdo it and let it lick the bowl; If you eat too much and run and jump after dinner, it’s easy to spit out intact. Dogs kept in cages all year round have a rare entertainment, so they will be greedy like starving to death. Don’t be deceived by them and think they are really hungry. But the firewood dog that always doesn’t eat enough, has little activity and bad excretion may be really ill. It’s best to take it to see a doctor. When you want to change the food for the firewood dog, don’t change it all at once. Mix half of the new food every time, try it for two or three days, gradually increase the new weight, and then use it all in a week. In this way, the digestive system of the Chai dog can adapt, otherwise it is easy to dysentery. Many parents think that the firewood dog wants to gnaw a bone. In fact, gnawing a bone is easy to block the firewood dog’s intestines, make it constipated, cause vomiting and poor appetite. Chicken bones, in particular, must not be. Because they are small and brittle, they are easy to plug the esophagus and pierce the bone intestines. When feeding, you must give sufficient water at the same time. You don’t have to use distilled water or boiled water. The intestines and stomach of the Chai dog don’t care about these. In short, when feeding regularly, quantitatively and at a fixed point, the little Chaigou is happy and the whole family is happy.

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