What are the methods and skills of firewood dog beauty

Firewood dog is a lovely dog, but many owners want to give firewood dog beauty in order to make firewood dog more beautiful. The following carefully recommends the skills of firewood dog beauty for you, hoping to help you.
Methods of firewood dog beauty
First, the hair of Japanese Chaigou is not slender, but it is also very thick and rich. To beautify the Chai dog, the breeder is required to comb its hair at least 1-2 times a day, remove dust and dirt in time, remove the fallen hair, keep the Chai dog’s fur clean and avoid the invasion of parasites and bacteria. When combing the hair, you should comb along the direction of the dog’s hair growth. When touching the nodular hair, you must gently comb from the tip of the hair and slowly comb to the root of the hair. Of course, if the hair knot is very serious, the owner needs to trim it properly with scissors, and then comb the hair. Second, brush teeth, clean ears and keep eyes clean every week. To brush the dog’s teeth, you need to choose a special pet toothbrush and tartar, stabilize the dog’s head, and then gently rub the teeth to clean the gums; To clean the eyes of firewood dogs, soak the dog’s eye dirt with clean water first, and then gently wash it off after it softens; To clean the ears of the firewood dog, you can choose to use professional ear oil, drop it into the ear canal, stabilize the head of the firewood dog for 2-3 minutes, and take it out after the earwax softens. It is worth saying that it should be bathing and beautifying the firewood dog. First of all, you should buy a suitable bath shampoo before taking a bath; In the process of cleaning, we also need to pay attention to skills and methods. The owner can rub the body of the firewood dog with both hands, especially the hips, limbs, abdomen and other parts, which should be thoroughly rubbed. Moreover, after cleaning the dog’s body with clean water, the wet hair should be thoroughly dried with a hair dryer in time to prevent the firewood dog from getting sick.
Knowledge of firewood dog beauty
1. It’s a normal problem for a firewood dog to comb its hair frequently, although it’s annoying. However, if you pay attention to grooming the firewood dog regularly and take good care of it, this problem can be improved. Of course, if the Chai dog suffers from skin disease and loses its hair, the first thing to do is to cure the skin disease first. Precautions for grooming the firewood dog: when helping the firewood dog comb the soft and sensitive parts of the chest, abdomen and buttocks, the action should be more gentle and soothing. Do not pull mechanically to avoid hurting the firewood dog.

2. Step

1) carefully brush the whole body of the firewood dog before bathing the firewood dog. On the one hand, avoid being entangled by the hair and comb the waste hair. On the other hand, check whether the firewood dog has skin disease or trauma.

2) The water temperature of about 40 ℃ is ideal. First let the firewood dog adapt to the water temperature, and then flush the whole body from the feet, body to the head. Be careful that the ears of the firewood dog enter the water, and the sudden sound of water frightens the firewood dog.

3) The purpose of putting anal gland is to squeeze out the residue of anus and avoid odor. The method is to gently pinch the tail of the firewood dog, and gently press both sides of the anus with the index finger and thumb finger. At this time, the residue will be squeezed out. It may be a little difficult at first. You can consult an veterinarian.

4) starting from the back of the dog, use the bath agent from the back, neck, shoulders, waist, chest, feet, buttocks and tail. Be careful of the abdomen of the Chai dog. The skin on the abdomen is very soft but easy to get dirty. You can try to clean it with a sponge. Finally, wash the dog’s head. Many firewood dogs may be afraid. The dog owner can call the dog’s name and brush it gently from the top of his head with a sponge to reduce resistance. Finally, after washing the whole body, wash it with clean water quickly, and then carefully clean the dirty parts. Don’t leave the bath agent on your dog, which may cause dermatitis. Pay attention to avoid washing water into the dog’s eyes. If the shower gel flows into the eyes, wash it off immediately with a large amount of water and apply eye drops.

5) You can first wring the moisture of its hair by hand. Most firewood dogs will dry their bodies by themselves. Then the dog owner uses a large towel to wipe the moisture by pressing, and then wipes it against the hair and along the hair alternately, which can reduce the drying time. At this time, you should also dry the water in your ears, nose and eyes. 6) Finally, dry it with a hair dryer, which is a very necessary step. Otherwise, firewood dogs are easy to form hair balls and catch a cold. Precautions for firewood dog bathing: the firewood dog should be bathed in a warm room in winter. After bathing, the wet hair must be dried in time to avoid the cold illness of the firewood dog.

3. How to cut nails for a Chai dog how to use nail clippers hold the feet of a Xiba dog (Chai dog) with one hand, carefully confirm the cut part of the toenail, and quickly cut off the toenail. Then, use a file to round the toenail. If you are not familiar with it, you can cut it bit by bit, which is safer. The dog’s toenails are very hard and should be trimmed with a special claw scissors for dogs and cats. The degenerated wolf claws should be removed by the veterinarian within 2-3 weeks after the pup is born. Only one stitch is needed to avoid future problems. For the daily nail trimming method, in addition to using the special toe claw scissors, it is best to cut after the toenails are soaked in the bath. However, it should be noted that there are blood vessels and nerves at the base of each toe claw. Therefore, it is not allowed to cut too much and too deep during trimming. Generally, only about 1 / 3 of the claw shall be cut, and it shall be filed to prevent damage. Precautions for wood dog nail cutting: if the dog’s action is abnormal after cutting, carefully check the toes to see if there is bleeding and damage. If there is damage, apply iodine. In addition to cutting toenails, check the foot pillow for trauma. In addition, the hair near the toe claws and foot pillows should be cut short frequently to prevent slipping. 4. Help firewood dogs trim their hair. 1. Shaving and shaving is different. Shaving all the hair and leaving the skin is just like being undressed. Dogs will be ashamed to see the dog. The fine hair at the bottom of the dog still has a protective effect on the skin, so you can shave the dog without shaving. 2. It is also recommended to shave in summer. In most cases, we don’t take dogs out when it’s very hot outside. We usually let them stay indoors for the summer. So even if we think the dog is very hot, we don’t need to remove a lot of coat. Just trim the coat for the dog. Precautions for firewood dog trimming: regularly trim the dog’s hair. The hair should not be too long. The dog’s good habits need to be well trained and cultivated in childhood to form habits.
Feeding method of firewood dog

1. Diet must be fed regularly and quantitatively. Firewood dogs are small hounds / working dogs, so they don’t eat too much. In addition, the requirements of firewood dogs for food will not be too high. When a firewood dog becomes an adult, it can be fed. Firewood dogs need to pay special attention to dietary nutrition when they are young. It is important to provide rich trace elements such as protein and calcium. Animal protein can be fed to animal viscera, such as animal heart or liver, or egg yolk, milk and other protein and fat rich foods to supplement nutrition. Adult firewood dogs are recommended to feed dog food. The amount of feeding should not be too much. It is better to eat less and more meals, which is good for the dog’s digestion. There is also a standard for multiple feeding. Dogs aged 2 to 4 months can be fed four times a day, dogs aged 4 to 6 months can be fed three times a day, and then twice a day. In addition, leftover food must be replaced in order to develop good eating habits.

2. Often take your dog to exercise to improve the resistance of firewood dogs to diseases. Firewood dog is a kind of small hound, so the demand for sports is still relatively large. Therefore, we must ensure that we take it out for a walk every day, or let it run indoors, exercise and consume too much physical energy. In this way, it will not damage the items in the home.

3. Daily cleaning and nursing work. The firewood dog is not big, and there is not much hair loss. The daily cleaning and nursing work is still relatively simple, but it must be done regularly. For example, you should comb the hair of a Chai dog 1-2 times a day to keep the hair clean and smooth and avoid hair balling; The buccal cavity should be cleaned about 3 times a week, and the ears, eyes and anal glands should be cleaned once a week to ensure that the dog’s body is clean and free from germs; In addition, we should also take a bath, shave and trim our toenails regularly to ensure that our dogs are healthy and beautiful.

4. Do a good job in the prevention of Chai dog diseases. In summer, we should pay attention to cooling and heatstroke prevention to avoid heatstroke and infectious diseases in firewood dogs. Winter should do a good job of cold prevention and warmth, to avoid Chai dogs getting sick. In addition, parents should regularly expel pests in vivo and in vitro for firewood dogs, regularly go to the hospital for physical examination, and then conduct vaccine injection, so as to prevent canine distemper, minor and other infectious diseases, so as to ensure the health of firewood dogs.

5. Formulate a sound training plan. Firewood dog is a very obedient dog, but if you can train it from an early age and restrict its wrong behaviors, especially firewood dog sometimes has an independent personality and sometimes has some problems in obedience, it must be corrected in time. This is essential for dogs to adapt to your family life in the future.

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