How to raise hamsters and Xishi bears

Xishi bear is a long haired breed bred from golden hamster. The difference between Xishi bear and pure long haired bear is that it has long hair all over the body and local long hair. For the identification of Xishi bear, Xishi bear has a very clear definition and standard introduction. Due to the excessive number of hybrid bears, the main discrimination standards are eye color, hair color, hair quantity, luster, face shape, etc. But parents are the most reliable way to distinguish. This breed belongs to hamster traders. In order to sell hamsters at a high price, they choose beautiful ones from long haired hamsters to be called Xi Shi. In fact, this kind of rat is ordinary long haired hamster.

Feeding method of hamster Xishi bear
1、 Compared with the small hamster, Xishi bear is bigger, so it needs to prepare a larger running wheel.
2、 Xishi bears have high IQ and great strength. When they know a way to escape from prison for the first time, they will escape from the same place one after another, so they should remember to close the door of the cage with iron wire to prevent them from opening the door to escape.
3、 Due to the characteristics of long hair, wood chips are easy to stick to long hair. It is best to choose corncob and ryegrass for all bedding materials. In winter, giving cotton to let them sleep also plays a role in keeping warm.
4、 They will go to the toilet at a fixed point, so there is no need to worry about scattering. If you can, get them a toilet. Use corncobs in the toilet. You will find that they are too smart.
5、 It’s hot in summer. Please prepare a heat dissipation plate or pebble for them to dissipate heat.
6、 Xishi bear can replenish water directly with clean water, but it is best to replenish water with vegetables. Their favorite is lettuce. They also recommend cabbage and carrots.
7、 Hamsters are not short-sighted, but although they dare not jump at a high place, they are impatient after a while. They will try to jump from a high place, resulting in more injuries to their legs and feet. The symptom is that they walk awkwardly.
behavior characteristics
1-1 the only known safe cushion material is corncob. A separate toilet for carrying corncob is arranged. The bear will go to the toilet to urinate. The female bear needs to be taught since childhood.
1-2 is the same as 1-1. If the toilet moves, the bear urinates with it and will not urinate anywhere.
1-3 is the same as 1-1. If the toilet is overturned, the urinal will be changed to the edge of the nest.
1-4 the place of bear’s stool is irregular. He likes to collect his stool under his nest.
2-1 like all hamsters, bears like to pick what they like to eat first.
2-2 bears living alone have strong personality and will leave food they don’t like to eat. But you will eat when you are hungry, so you don’t have to be spoiled.
2-3 after the kettle is filled with cold boiled water, the bear will drink it by himself.
3-1 the male and female bears are forbidden to live together during non mating period.
3-3 adult male bears are easy to attack young bears and are prone to injury events, so there is no touching scene of father son and daughter meeting ~ remember.
3-4 bears are naturally solitary. They start to fight with each other from about 10 days old. They should separate as soon as possible after weaning.
3-7 strong prison escape ability and memory. Once the prison escape conditions are met and the prison escape is successful, the prison escape conditions must be destroyed, otherwise the prison escape event will be repeated.
3-8 sleep time is very long. You can sleep from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
3-9 when a bear lives in a closed nest, it will become wet and affect its hair, so the nest can not be used.
4-1 when disturbed during rest, the reaction is very strong and may be bitten.
4-2 strong, claws hurt. (I know it’s not intentional, just worried about falling)
4-3 cubs within 2 months are highly likely to jump out of their hands, while adult bears are more stable.
5-1 Xi Shi cultivated artificially has weak physique, especially in the gastrointestinal part.
5-2 food is mainly dry. Vegetables, fruits and spoiled food with too much water can easily lead to soft stool.
5-3 vegetables with too much water are fed too much, which is easy to cause diarrhea.
5-4 depilation without dandruff is a normal hair change phenomenon.
Cushion material
6-1 male bears have long hair. It is recommended to use ryegrass + corncob as bedding material. The use of sawdust is prohibited.
6-2 regular care of long hair with a toothbrush can effectively avoid knotting of long hair.
7-1 male bears have obvious egg size characteristics in about 15 days, and female bears have black spots between urination and stool organs at about the same time.
7-2 bears reach sexual maturity in about 7 weeks. (it is recommended to pair for at least 4 months)
7-3 male bears have strong sexual demand after sexual maturity, but they also have an estrous cycle.
7-4 female bears have an estrous cycle, usually once every 4-6 days. It is closely related to the feeding environment and food quality
7-5 when pairing, it is recommended to put the male bear into the female bear’s cage. If the female bear is in heat at this time, her ass will be cocked up for mating.
7-6 male bears may be at a loss when pairing for the first time and often can’t find a place. The owner needs to watch closely.
7-7 if the female bear is not in estrus, it may attack the male bear when pairing.
7-8 after the female bear is pregnant, the hair on her abdomen gradually falls off, and she can give birth after 15-18 days. At this time, the Mimi will be terrible.
7-9 like other hamsters, it provides a quiet environment during lactation, sufficient food and water and high protein, such as cooked egg white, boiled river fish and shrimp. Bread worms are forbidden to eat.

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