How many eggs does an alligator turtle lay at a time

Crocodile turtle is a reptile that lays more eggs. It can lay 20 ~ 90 eggs at a time. Its eggs are white and easy to hatch under strong sunlight.

The breeding habits of alligator turtles and small alligator turtles are not exactly the same. The mating period of small alligator turtles is from April to November in the United States, and the egg laying period in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in China is from May to August (the spawning time can be advanced and extended in high-temperature areas). Generally, 15 to 40 eggs are laid each time. The actual situation varies according to the size and development of parent turtles. It can be seen that 80 eggs are conceived by parent turtles with a weight of 4kg in the reproductive season, There were 20 hard shell eggs. Spawn many times a year. The author has seen 9 kg parent turtles lay 110 eggs a year, all fertilized and hatched young turtles.

The mating period of alligator turtles in the United States is from February to April, and the spawning period is from April to June, with 10 to 52 eggs per time. Under natural conditions, the hatching period of alligator turtle and alligator turtle eggs is 9 ~ 18 weeks, and the hatching period will be longer in cold and dry weather. Artificial temperature control can shorten the incubation period of crocodile turtle eggs. Crocodile turtles can be hatched after 60 days at a constant temperature of 32 ℃.

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