the largest number of birds in the world is chicken

As a kind of poultry, chicken is also a “regular guest” on our dinner table. As a large-scale artificial bird (yes, chicken belongs to ornitha in biological classification and is a kind of birds), it is the largest number of birds in the world. Domestic chickens have been domesticated for at least thousands of years. At present, tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of chickens are laying eggs or becoming meat on the table every year in the world. The number of domestic chickens is much higher than that of other birds in nature.

However, the most non artificially reared birds in nature are the red billed quellia Finch, which is widely distributed in sub Saharan Africa. The red billed quellia finch is about 13 cm long. It often breeds and eats food on a large scale during the autumn harvest. They also often carry out large-scale activities. It is a famous agricultural and forestry pest in Africa. It is estimated that there are nearly 10 billion red billed quilias in Africa alone.

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