Feeding method of silver axe fish

The scientific name of silver axe fish is gasteropelecus sternicla, also known as silver swallow. It is a freshwater fish of the order lipocyprinus, suborder lipocyprinus, family lipocyprinidae and the genus lipocyprinus. Silver axe fish is distributed in the middle and lower Amazon river basins of Colombia, Venezuela and Guyana. It has strange shape and beautiful color. It is rich in mass production in the country of origin. It can be used as bait fish for small edible fish or fishing sports, and also as ornamental fish.

Silver axe fish is a small fish with a body length of about 4 cm. Its shape is very strange. The body is flat on the extreme side, the head is small, the chest and abdomen are exaggerated, protrusion and outward expansion, and the whole is an inverted triangle. There are two dorsal fins, the hip fin is extended, the tail fin is forked, the abdominal fin disappears, and the pectoral fin is long and wing shaped. When it is folded, it stands behind the syncline. Silver axe fish is silver gray on the back and white on the abdomen. There is a black line at the back of the body axis, with light green edges on the top and bottom.
Feeding method
Silver axe fish is sensitive and likes to live in groups. When they are frightened, they will jump collectively. The large wing-shaped pectoral fins move strongly, which can make them jump out of the water easily. They need to be covered when raising; It can be mixed with mild small fish. Like acidic soft water, pH 5.8 ~ 7.5; The hardness is lower than 4 ~ 5 ° DGH, and the water temperature is 22 ~ 28 ℃. Silver axe fish is a fish that forages in the upper layer. It can feed dry insects or floating feed.

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