Big cat bear Yuanbao and his mother eat bamboo leaves at the same time, and successfully switch to food!

Xiong Yuanbao, the first mock exam, succeeded in feeding, and his mother had eaten a lot of bamboo leaves in a round way.

It was carved out of the same mold! The “Yuanbao” of the big panda in the Taipei municipal zoo is currently 1 year old and 3 months old. Although it looks like a small body next to its mother, its weight has already reached 46 kg. After several months of exploration of various foods, it has successfully changed its food habits, and the food it eats is almost the same as that of adult pandas.

▲ “Yuanbao” began to eat bamboo leaves!

▲ “Yuanbao” lies on the branches and looks like a big doll.

In order to ensure that “Yuanyuan” and “Yuanbao” eat, the nurse will also place the food in different positions to reduce the situation of mother and daughter “eating” each other, so that “Yuanyuan” and “Yuanbao” have a higher chance to enjoy their own meals and eat enough food. If you are lucky to observe that “Yuanyuan” and “Yuanbao” rob each other of food, please don’t worry too much, because this is a natural behavior. Don’t scold your mother or baby!

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