The cat incarnates on the floor in a straight line and sleeps soundly. Net shock: is there obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Although we all know that cats are born with a soft Q body and can change into any shape, so there are various quantifiers such as “one” or “lump” to calculate cats, but there is a white cat in Japan. It not only makes people want to use “one” to describe it, but also people with obsessive-compulsive disorder will feel very healing after watching it!

It’s very neat from head to tail. It’s worthy of being “a cat”!

The white cat “Daizu” slept on the carpet and put his hands under his face.

“Daizu” is one of the best things to say, “Daizu” is the best way to sleep, and to sleep on the castles in the ground, the legs in the front of the thigh, and even the legs of the legs, and the most unusual is not to be able to take care of the legs of the thigh. The picture below is said to have been: “I think you are a little new person, and you are very beautiful.”

Because the shape of Daizu’s “a cat” is too special, many netizens can’t help but praise: “a good straight cat”, “those with obsessive-compulsive disorder will feel healed after watching it”, “the cat is really a changeable creature”, “I feel I can pick it up straight” and “this sleeping position is too strange”.

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