Is it better for a novice to keep a dog, a border animal husbandry, or a golden hair?

I believe many people don’t have much experience when raising pets for the first time, especially when choosing pet varieties. For those who have dogs, it is also a difficult choice.
For example, some people will struggle between raising border herdsmen or golden hairs. Is it better for novices to raise dogs for the first time, or golden hairs?

Border dogs and golden fur are both medium and large dogs. If you want to choose between these two kinds of dogs, Xiaobian, who has kept dogs for more than 20 years, believes that border dogs will be more suitable for novices. Why do you say that? There are several reasons.
1. Obedience
Although the border shepherd and golden hair are obedient dogs, the border Shepherd is a well deserved dog in terms of IQ and obedience. No matter what kind of obedience and IQ evaluation, the border Shepherd is No.1 questioned by the mother. Therefore, the border shepherd will be easier to train than Jinmao, with high obedience. It can be said that it is the kind of refined. If trained properly, it can also help you do housework and take care of children (chuckling).
2. Feeding conditions
In terms of body size, border Shepherds are medium-sized dogs, while golden fur belongs to large dogs. The larger the size of the dog, the higher the difficulty or level of hair care, joint care, weight management, living space needs and so on. In addition, the fur of golden hair is longer than that of border herdsmen, so it is difficult to take care of both novices and veterans.
3. Activity volume
In fact, the two kinds of dogs are on the same level. Because they are working dogs, border Shepherds are shepherds and golden retrievers, so the amount of exercise is barbed. The owner needs more time to walk the dogs and let them exercise, otherwise it will have an impact on their physical and mental health.
4. Housekeeping skills
Golden hair is a non aggressive dog. It not only can’t look after the house, but also may wag its tail to welcome the arrival of thieves and bad guys. Whether it’s the owner or a stranger, it can be said that golden hair is as friendly and docile as his own father when he sees people. The border shepherd dog is very warm to people, but not unreservedly to strangers, which is also one of the excellent characters of the border shepherd.

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