There are two main reasons why Labrador dogs can’t come back

When many owners and Labradors go out, they are always afraid that the Labrador will not come back after going out. Although this situation is rare, we should also be careful when we go out. When we go out for a walk with the Labrador every day, we should try to avoid places with a large crowd, so as to reduce the situation of running around too excited to buy a dog net, Sometimes a Labrador dog’s loss has a certain relationship with the owner. Therefore, when we go out, we must put a collar on the Labrador dog, so as to ensure that the Labrador dog will not be tempted by the outside world.
[Labrador frightened]

Being frightened often comes from emergencies outside; The Labrador had no time to react at the first time. Driven by physiological instinct, the first thing Labrador dogs have to do is: run! The most common reasons for being frightened are the sound of steam turbine horn, firecrackers and sudden noise from the outside. In addition, when threatened or attacked by other animals, Labrador dogs will also be frightened and run away.
The most common example is that when taking a Labrador dog for a walk in the park, the big Labrador dog suddenly rushed out, which scared the Labrador dog to break away from the rope and run away. It can’t call the Labrador dog back. When taking it out for a walk, the motorcycle rider passing by sounded the bell, which was originally to remind pedestrians on the roadside to be careful, But it scared away the purebred Labrador. How much is it; In case of an unexpected car accident, the Labrador dog took advantage of the chaos and fled the scene… There are too many different emergencies to list one by one.
[external temptation is too great]

No Labrador doesn’t like going out! The human world is a colorful world for Labradors. Although it is comfortable to stay at home, it is a little boring; So when Labrador dogs get a chance, they want to go out for a walk. Even though Baba Ma will take Labrador dogs out to play from time to time, Labrador dogs still constantly want to break out.
The most common example is that many Labrador parents take Labrador dogs to play in the park. Labrador parents will loosen the rope and let Labrador dogs move freely. Unexpectedly, many Labrador dogs are gone! Even though Baba’s voice broke his throat, Labrador dogs still refused to return to Baba’s side. In some cases, every time you let go of the Labrador dog, you have to start running and playing hide and seek with the Labrador dog. It takes a lot of effort to help the Labrador dog tie the lead rope again! All these reasons are – the temptation of the outside world is so great that Labrador dogs are reluctant to return to Baba ma.
When we go out with the Labrador, the Labrador is always very excited, so we should keep our spirits up when we go out, so as to avoid the loss of the Labrador. Many owners are not willing to put a collar on the Labrador, but the result will be very bad. For the Labrador and our life, When we go out, we must wear a collar. It’s a sign of responsibility to all of us.

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