What about bugs in Labrador?

As we all know, dogs need to expel insects regularly. For Labrador, if there are insects, we must expel them quickly, but there are some special things to pay attention to when expelling dogs. What taboos can’t be made when expelling Labrador?

1、 Only do a good job in insect repellent work during puppies
Many people think that puppies need special attention, so they will pay attention to expelling insects when they are puppies, but they gradually ignore them when Labrador grows up. In fact, at any stage, it is necessary to expel insects regularly, especially hookworm, coccidia and other parasites causing blood pulling, which are harmful and must be prevented. Adult dogs also need insect repellent. Regular fecal examination of dogs is an important part of dog health care. Understand whether dogs are infected by parasites and what kinds of parasites are infected, and treat them in time.
2、 If you don’t go out, you don’t have to expel insects
Some people over protect their Labrador, don’t let dogs go out and don’t contact other dogs. They think that dogs will not be infected with parasites if they don’t go out at home, so they don’t need to expel insects. Although Labrador stays at home, it does not live in a sterile environment. There are still bacteria, viruses and parasitic eggs in the indoor environment. Dogs like to use their nose and mouth to sense the information around them. They lick shoes, clothes, floors and furniture. None of these things carry pathogens and are at risk of infection with parasites. So even for dogs who don’t go out, insect repellent should be done regularly.
3、 Frequent bathing can drive away insects
When it comes to bugs, first of all, many people think of fleas. They think that fleas only exist when dogs are dirty, so some pet owners think that Labrador has bugs? Don’t you just take a bath? However, dog bathing only plays a cleaning role and reduces the accumulation of bacteria causing skin diseases, but it can not kill fleas, insect eggs and other parasites, nor can it meet the normal insect repellent needs. The best thing is to clean and expel insects with both hands, so that it is clean, beautiful and healthy.
4、 Only in vitro insect repellent
What we can see with our eyes may be the insects outside Labrador, so many people will only expel the insects outside Labrador, thinking that this can do a good job of expelling the insects. However, in fact, we should do a good job of expelling the insects inside and outside Labrador. Sometimes dogs eat some bad things, such as raw food, which is easy to infect parasites, It has a great impact on the health of dogs.
5、 Insect repellents are common
Some parents always ask what kind of insect repellent is good. If they find that there are insects in Labrador, they can use one kind of drug. But in fact, parasites are divided into external parasites and internal parasites. For different types of parasites, different anthelmintic drugs should be used. Even for the same kind of parasites, anthelmintic drugs will have different dynamic sales. Therefore, not one anthelmintic drug can kill all parasitic insects. We must pay attention to differential treatment and treatment.
The best way to prevent dog parasites is to have a balanced diet and avoid letting dogs eat raw meat and viscera. In terms of staple food dog food, it is suggested to choose some natural dog food with high protein, low fat and balanced nutrition. The healthy dog food will not lead to malnutrition due to the influence of parasites!
Conclusion: do you make any taboos on insect repellent for your dog?

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