Why do dogs smell heavy?

I wonder if you excrement collectors have ever felt this way. You will smell a peculiar smell soon after you bathe the dog? It tastes very sour… Let’s talk about the reason why dogs smell heavy today.
1. Bad breath: bad breath is not only found in humans, but also in dogs. Bad breath in dogs may be caused by dental calculus, periodontal disease or other oral diseases. Some excrement collectors may disagree and think that the most is that the dog’s mouth stinks, but many people don’t know that if they don’t deal with it in time, it may lead to problems in the dog’s liver and kidney, and even heart problems.
2. Ear inflammation: compared with the dog’s mouth smell, in fact, the ear smell is more unbearable! If the shit collector is too lazy and doesn’t often clean the dog’s ears, the dog’s ears will accumulate a lot of earwax. Over time, the accumulation will cause dog ear inflammation and even other ear diseases. This is one of the reasons why dogs smell.
3. Anal gland: the anal gland is on both sides of the dog’s anus. It is filled with anal gland fluid. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will accumulate into black. If you smell it once, you are afraid to smell it a second time! If a dog sits on the ground, rubs his butt, chews his butt, turns in circles and bites his tail, he will be very sensitive when touching his butt, which proves that the dog should clean his anal glands.
4. Urine smell: when a dog urinates, it is often easy to urinate on himself. If it cannot be cleaned in time, it will cause odor.
5. Wound inflammation: if the dog suffers from skin disease or fleas, which makes him uncomfortable, the dog will scratch hard, and it is easy to get a wound. If the shit collector does not find it in time, the wound inflammation will also cause odor.
6. Dog breed: there is no solution to the breed problem of dogs. Some dogs have a heavy body smell, such as Tibetan mastiff, St. Bernard, Rowena, Chenery, fadou, etc. What can we do? Our own dogs should be kept with tears~
Finally, dogs have a strong body smell. We can’t think it’s the dog’s fault. We should think about whether we have done a good job in cleaning them. Dogs don’t want to be dirty or even have a body smell.

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