Several behaviors of dogs asking for help

Once a dog gets sick and the owner doesn’t pay attention, it’s easy to delay the best period of treatment. Therefore, as a qualified shit collector, you must always pay attention to the dog’s state. If your dog has the following situations, you should pay attention!
1. Too quiet: if the dog doesn’t say a word at home and stays in a daze, and even some dogs will have self mutilation, it is very likely to suffer from depression. Accompany the dog more, play and interact with him more, and often feed him snacks.
2. Red eyes with tears: the dog’s eyes are red with tears, which may be caused by too salty diet or eye inflammation! Small infection! In this case, please don’t pretend to understand. It’s best to take the dog to the hospital for examination. The diet should be light. Feed the dog low salt natural dog food.
3. Weight loss: if you find that the dog’s appetite is obviously normal, but his weight has decreased a lot, it may be the cause of parasites, or the dog’s gastrointestinal digestion is poor. For this, the excrement collector needs to give the dog nutritious dog food and do a good job of insect repellent.
4. Fever: if the dog has a fever accompanied by loss of appetite and bloody stool, it is mostly suffering from infectious diseases such as small and canine distemper. At this time, you must take the dog to a professional pet hospital.
5. Hiding: when dogs get sick or injured, they instinctively choose to find a safe and hidden place to hide and prevent being attacked.
6. Unsteadiness: if the dog is unsteady and drooling, there must be a problem. The most common thing is that the dog accidentally eats poisonous food outside. At this time, it is necessary to take the dog to a doctor. Dogs must take a traction rope when they go out, and it is best to take a mouth cover to prevent dogs from losing and eating by mistake.
7. Loss of appetite and picky eating: if the dog has a loss of appetite and picky eating, it should be OK to change a dog food. You can soak the dog food with sheep milk powder. The sheep milk powder has high nutritional value and sweet taste, which can arouse the dog’s appetite.
Every move of a dog actually has its meaning. Many subtle changes may be caused by illness and discomfort. Therefore, the shit collector must pay more attention to the dog’s daily state and take good care of it~

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