The five most loyal dogs

Relatively speaking, boys prefer larger and domineering dogs, while girls prefer smaller and docile dogs. Of course, some dogs attract their owners by their looks, while others attract their owners by their own personality and loyalty. These five kinds of dogs are the most loyal. They are listed on the German Shepherd list. The fifth kind is rare in cities!
The first dog: Labrador
Do you know Lala? Speaking of, Lala is not common in China, because it is too naughty, so few Chinese will raise it. It is more common abroad. Lala has a good character and is especially loyal to people. In foreign countries, it is trained as a guide dog. With a little training, it can become the best guide dog. It will go wherever its owner goes. Under no circumstances will it escape without its owner!
The second kind of dog: German Shepherd
When it comes to loyalty, there must be a kind of dog in everyone’s mind, which is De Mu. Yes, De Mu is really one of the most loyal dogs. He listens to his master and likes to be with his master. The pet who raised it knows that as long as it is around, no matter what situation, his heart is very stable. Coupled with its cool appearance, both boys and girls like it very much. A few years ago, there were many people raising it. However, because of its size, we can no longer raise it in the city. If you want to see it, you can only go to the army to see it.
The third kind of dog: Chow Chow
This kind of dog has been with Chinese people for a long time. It can help people look after their homes and hunt. At that time, it was a good helper for people. Although it looks a little naive, in fact, it is very smart. It can easily distinguish who is its master and who is its enemy. It has a very good attitude towards its own master and will never hurt its master, but its attitude towards strangers is not so good. In order to protect its master, it will attack strangers without hesitation.
The fourth kind of dog: border Shepherd
The border Shepherd is a little timid. He will choose to escape when he sees particularly powerful animals. However, he is really a loyal dog. He listens to his master and takes care of his master. When necessary, it will also pay its own life to protect its master!
The fifth kind of dog: native dog
When it comes to loyalty, our native dog must be on the list. It is really a very loyal dog. In any case, it will do its best to protect its master. If you bully it, it will choose to run away, but if you bully its owner, even if you have a stick and a gun in your hand, it will stand up without hesitation. Such a loyal dog is really rare in the city.

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