Purebred husky standard

Husky has another name, called Siberian sled dog, because its ancestors came from distant and cold Siberia. In the past, husky was a smart working dog. But now, many times, people are used to calling it erha. Moreover, with the continuous development of the economy, we can see that many people keep husky as pets in our life. In fact, Husky is relatively upright and has no attack power. It is really suitable for domestic dogs. However, when choosing husky, some people must first want to buy a purebred dog. After all, the blood, appearance and IQ can be superior. Therefore, today Xiaobian will talk about several standards of purebred husky.

1. Height, weight standard
Husky is a medium-sized working dog. If it is a purebred husky, it has obvious requirements and standards for height and weight. Generally speaking, the shoulder height of purebred husky dogs is 21-23 cm, and the weight is generally required to be between 45-60 pounds; The husky bitch has a shoulder height of 20-22 cm and a weight of 35-50 pounds. This proves that if it is a purebred husky, it is not up to the standard to be too fat and too thin.
2. Character standard
Husky’s character is quite jumping off. I believe this is a recognized fact. However, if it is pure husky, it is very friendly, gentle and likes to be with people, so it is very suitable to be a pet dog, especially to accompany the elderly and children. Moreover, pure Husky does not have a strong sense of territory, It won’t attack other dogs actively, so it won’t cause trouble to the owner. However, because Husky’s nerve is relatively large, generally speaking, this kind of dog is not suitable for working dogs and nursing dogs.
3. Appearance standard
From the hair and bone mass of husky, we can see the variety of husky. If the bone mass of husky is particularly rich and the hair grows well, generally speaking, the variety of dogs will be relatively pure. As for the bone mass, you can look at the dog’s claws and legs, pinch the dog’s claws and lower legs. If the bones are thick and hard, it proves that the bone mass is rich. Generally speaking, dogs with rich hair will be pure.
4. Head

If you are a pure husky, your eyes are bright and bright, showing the shape of almond, your ears are thick, and your hair is particularly exuberant.
In fact, if it is a domestic pet dog, it is not necessarily required to be purebred. Sometimes, some dogs can see the right eye. If they meet the right eye and healthy dog, the variety is not so important.

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