Why do teacup dogs die so easily

The teacup dog is the same as its name. It is very small, just like the size of a teacup. It looks cute and cute. It is deeply loved by many female friends. Teacup dogs can normally live for more than ten years, but some friends’ teacup dogs die after three or four years. This is a sad thing, so what’s the matter? Let’s have a look.
Cause of disease
Teacup dog is not as good as other dogs. Its body structure is too fragile and its resistance to disease is poor, so the disease rate is far higher than that of other dogs. Once it gets sick, it is difficult to recover and it is extremely difficult to survive. Therefore, many teacup dogs can only live for about three or four years. We are raising them and taking care of them carefully, so that they can grow healthily.
Teacup dogs are very sensitive to temperature changes. Low temperature can easily cause their death. Therefore, they must pay attention to their living environment, pay attention to keeping warm in winter and be ready for sudden cooling at all times. It is hot in summer, so ventilation should be done well. Do not put it in the air-conditioned environment, which is easy to catch cold and cause diarrhea or cold.
It also has strict requirements for food. Feeding must be regular, regular and quantitative, and remember to overeat. Should not feed more meat, to a balanced mix, put some fruits or vegetables. Avoid feeding hard food, such as hard bone. It can’t digest hard food for the intestines and stomach. Don’t tease after feeding, so as to avoid problems in the intestines and stomach. When the weather is sunny, take it out to play and bask in the sun, which is also conducive to its bone growth. Don’t do strenuous exercise when playing, so as not to cause bone damage.
Bad merchant
Behind the lovely teacup dog, there are many unknown secrets. In order to cater to their likes and make huge profits, some businesses or dog dealers cut them open at birth and let them be born before they grow completely, resulting in not absorbing enough nutrients in the mother, so they are extremely vulnerable.
The above is about why teacup dogs are so easy to die. Every life in the world is worthy of respect. Dogs also have their own thoughts and feelings. Since we raise them, we should take care of them carefully, not let them live and die. Since we don’t love them, please don’t hurt them.

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