Summary of Labrador dog shortcomings

Labrador dog is a very popular pet dog with gentle and friendly character. It is widely used as a service dog. It is an excellent guide dog; There are also many people who like Labrador in China, but dogs are not perfect. They also have advantages and disadvantages. They like Labrador because of its advantages. You should also know clearly what disadvantages Labrador has, otherwise any of its disadvantages may make you collapse. If you can’t accept the following five disadvantages, you’d better not raise it.

1. The Labrador dog is too energetic. It seems considerate and docile, but it also has some behaviors that make the owner headache. Labrador loves to play and has a lot of exercise. If he is kept at home all day, he may see the house full of chaos. Because there is no place to release his energy, he can only vent by tearing down the house, Husky is not the only one who will tear down the house, so the pet needs to take it out for a walk every day, so that he can have a good sleep at all times.
2. Labrador loves to play with mud, but doesn’t like to be clean. He always drills wherever it is dirty. He likes to drill under the sofa at home and will jump into your bed later. In this way, hygiene is easy to be damaged. He is arrogant when he goes out. He always jumps where it is dirty. If there is a mud pit in front of him, he will jump into the mud and roll back and forth happily, At this time, the pet can’t call it because it’s still excited. It’s happy to see the pet. It may jump on you and invite you to play with it. So when it has fun, just take it to take a bath.
3. It’s easy to lose. Now many pet dogs are not aggressive. They wag their tails friendly when they see strangers. They are completely unprepared. Sometimes they kiss strangers more than their own owners. This is true for dogs such as golden haired, Samoye, Husky and Labrador dogs. They still have no type to give up and go out with their pet owners. If they don’t pay attention, they may be abducted without any resistance, Even if a thief comes home, he is welcome with a wagging tail. Therefore, the pet owner should not expect Labrador to watch the door at all. When going out for a walk, he must lead the dog rope.

4. Large appetite
Labrador dogs eat a lot. It’s the so-called eating more and more. Many pet owners tease their Labradors like this. However, it can be seen that pet owners have a unique love for their dogs. After raising Labrador, some people find that their dogs eat a lot less than four months. They complain everywhere and even throw away their dogs. Such people suggest not to raise dogs, Raising a dog requires a certain cost. Labrador eats more and may spend more on diet. You should be prepared before raising a dog.
5. Hair loss is serious. Many people say that Labrador dogs lose hair very badly. How bad is it? Lose hair twice a year, once for half a year ~ in short, it loses hair every day of the year, and the amount of hair loss is very large every day. Although it is a short haired dog, the amount of hair loss may be no less than that of a golden haired dog with longer hair. If you can’t stand dog hair everywhere, such as on the bed, on the ground and even in the bowl… Please consider raising it carefully.

6. Susceptible to disease
Labrador, a large and medium-sized dog, is prone to joint diseases. Hip joint may be easily stunted and lead to paralysis. It is recommended that pet owners supplement dogs with more calcium.
Knowing the shortcomings of Labrador, do you still want to raise it?

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