Life span of Horned Frog

Horned frog is the most common pet frog in the world. In recent years, the industry has changed its name to Zhaocai frog. There are at least six subspecies of horned frogs, of which the most common is C. ornata, and the most expensive is Amazon horned frog, also known as overlord horned frog, worth tens of thousands of Taiwan dollars.

Characteristics of Horned Frog
People who have raised horned frogs know that horned frogs only eat all day, and a big mouth accounts for nearly half of their body. This structure can be said to have evolved for eating a lot. It is the so-called mouth eating everywhere.
South American horned frog should be the most common pet frog. The green horned frog and golden horned frog are the two most popular South American strains. Many novices can’t tell them from the bell horned frog. A simple way is to look at the pattern color gamut and head shape. First, the patterns of ordinary South American horned frog except the back pattern are generally not as scattered as Bell horned frog, and the patterns of South American horned frog are relatively large; Moreover, generally, there are more or less red areas on the back of the bell horn (except the green bell); Finally, the horns on the eyes of South America are more obvious, while most bell horns have almost no horns. The head and nose of the bell horn have a blunt angle, which looks like the head is wider and thicker. Although the most people-friendly price comes from South America, there are also the Japanese mutant God South American horned frog with high value in the large South American family.
Life span of Horned Frog
How long does the horned frog live? If you keep horned frogs for two years, they will die of old age. It’s really not cost-effective. In fact, generally speaking, the life span of horned frogs can reach about 5 ~ 7 years. Some of them are well raised, and may also reach 10 years. The life span of horned frogs is similar to that of many pets, so there is no need to worry. The feeding of horned frogs is cumbersome. In the original land, horned frogs have many habits that the owner cannot simulate, which is also the main factor leading to the length of life of horned frogs. Generally speaking, the life of horned frogs in the original land is about 15 years.
It is necessary to prepare enough time, energy and money to raise horned frogs. Horned frogs are not expensive or special varieties. However, for now, raising cats and dogs is the mainstream, and some rare animals are relatively alternative. It may also be difficult to buy. Not all places sell live horned frogs.

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