Why is the skin stung by a caterpillar painful and itchy?

The places stung by stinging caterpillars are often painful and itchy. This is because the stinging caterpillars are full of poisonous hairs. If we put these poisonous hairs under the microscope, we will find that they are hollow, just like needles for injection. The roots of these poisonous hairs are connected with the poisonous glands in the stinging caterpillars, which are full of venom secreted from the poisonous glands, When the human skin contacts with the poisonous hair of the caterpillar, the poisonous hair will stab into the human skin. Because the poisonous hair is very fragile, it will be broken immediately after stabbing into the human skin, and the venom will flow into the human skin and meat from the broken part, making people feel and painful.
After being stung by a caterpillar, scrubbing the wound with soapy water or ammonia can reduce the pain and itching.

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