Why do bees die when they sting people?

The bee’s poison needle is located in the abdomen and consists of a back needle and two abdominal needles. There are several zigzag barbs at the tip of the abdominal needle. When the bee’s poison needle stings into human skin, the barb will firmly hook human muscles and is difficult to pull out.
Because these needles are connected to the internal organs of bees, if the poisonous needle is forcibly pulled out, part of the internal organs of bees will be pulled out together,
Of course, the bees will die. Therefore, the bees will not sting people until they have to. In addition, after the bees sting people, the venom released by the poisonous needle and flat needle of the poisonous bees will remain in the human body, so people will feel numb or painful after being stung.

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