Why don’t bats belong to birds?

There are often many strange things in the animal world. Whales like fish are not fish, penguins that are good at swimming in the water are birds, ostriches that can’t fly without wings are birds, while bats that can fly with wings are not birds.

Why are bats not birds? Although the bat has wings connected by the skin between its front and rear limbs and tail, and its sternum and pectoral muscles are very developed. It can spread its wings and fly like birds, it is not a bird but a mammal. Because bats have no feathers on the body surface and hair, teeth in the mouth and diaphragm in the body, the body cavity is divided into chest and abdominal cavity, which are the basic characteristics of mammals. More importantly, the reproductive development mode of bats is viviparous lactation, rather than oviposition as birds, which shows that bats are real mammals.

By the way, the identities of whales and penguins. Although the whale is shaped like a fish, for example, its forelimbs become flippers, its hind limbs completely degenerate, and its tail is horizontal flippers, which is suitable for swimming, the whale has many non fish but mammalian characteristics. For example, the larvae of whales have hair on the body surface, breathe with lungs, constant body temperature and viviparous lactation. These characteristics show that whales are mammals, not fish. Penguin originally had feathers, but after a long diving life, its feathers have degenerated into scales. In addition, its bone structure, visceral structure and oviparous reproductive mode are similar to birds, so it is a bird.

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