What kind of animals were dinosaurs?

Children who have seen Jurassic Park and the lost world will probably not forget the huge and terrible dinosaurs in the film. These guys lived on the earth more than 100 million years ago. Fortunately, there were no humans at that time. Otherwise, they were not the opponents of these giants.

As we know, scientists usually divide animals into various types, such as vertebrates, molluscs, ovoids and so on. So, what are those dinosaurs? They are now extinct on earth.
Dinosaurs appeared in the middle and Late Triassic. Jurassic and Cretaceous were very prosperous. This period was called Mesozoic. Dinosaurs were the “ruler” of the earth in this period. Therefore, Mesozoic is often called “dinosaur era” or “reptile era”.

It can be seen that dinosaur is a reptile, and reptile is a member of vertebrate family.
Dinosaurs are widely distributed, and their traces are all over the world. Africa and China were once the hometown of dinosaurs. China’s famous dinosaurs include mamenxi dragon, gas dragon, giant Shandong dragon, spiny nosed Qingdao dragon and so on.

Most dinosaurs were very large, weighing dozens of tons, such as Zhenlong and brachiosaurus. Small, it’s also pitifully small. It’s about the size of a chicken, like a bird and a dragon.

There are many kinds of dinosaurs in the Mesozoic, including carnivorous dinosaurs, herbivorous dinosaurs, omnivorous dinosaurs, four legged dinosaurs and two legged dinosaurs. Of course, they also have a lot in common. For example, they are all oviparous, and their skin is covered with scales or bone plates.
Now you know what dinosaurs are?
Dinosaur is a kind of terrestrial reptile living in Mesozoic or reptile walking upright.

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