How do bees learn to fly?

Bees learn directional flight like pilots. Before collecting honey 10 kilometers away from the hive, bees should learn to fly along more complex routes farther away from the hive.

Some researchers in Britain and the United States installed micro radar transmitters on more than 600 young bees, and then put them into the colony of more than 10000 bees to track their activities. The researchers found that the young bees initially flew in a straight line from the hive. After flying to a distance of 10 to 30 meters, it will turn around and fly back along the same route.

The researchers said that in the three weeks before starting to collect honey, bees had to fly along longer routes in order to be familiar with ground signs. The researchers found that the longer the directional flight route, the higher the bees will fly, which obviously helps them feel close and far from the hive. From the bee’s point of view, flying higher is likely to mean that the terrain is less clear, and when flying close to the hive, the higher the altitude is close to the ground, the clearer the terrain is.

For a long time, the ability of bees to fly long distances has attracted researchers’ interest. They obviously use the position of the sun and the characteristics of the earth’s surface as positioning markers.

The researchers believe that their research opens up the study of the ability of other insects to learn to fly.

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