Why can geckos “fly from eaves to walls”?

Once, I saw a gecko and wanted to catch it, but it climbed quickly along the wall to the ceiling and lay there motionless. Why can geckos hang upside down on the ceiling without falling down?

In fact, why wall can crawl and hang anywhere, and why its toes have such strong viscosity, has always been the focus of researchers. In the experiment, it was found that geckos can climb up at a speed of 1 meter per second on vertically placed polished glass surfaces, and can hang their whole body firmly on the wall with only one toe. It has been speculated that gecko toes may secrete substances similar to glue, but through electron microscope observation, scientists have finally revealed the secret of gecko’s superb climbing ability.

It turns out that millions of fine hairs – bristles grow on gecko toes. Each bristle is about 100 microns long and has thousands of smaller forks at the top. The adhesion of gecko toes is realized through the intermolecular force formed by these forks and molecules on the surface of the object. According to calculation, a bristle can bear the weight of an ant. Although the area of 1 million bristles arranged together is less than the size of a coin, it can bear the weight of 20 kg force. It’s amazing!

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