Why are crickets aggressive?

We put two male crickets in the same pot. As long as we tease them with a hairy stick, they will bite and fight each other until one side is defeated. Why are crickets so aggressive?

Crickets are commonly called crickets. The reason why they are aggressive is probably related to their natural bravery and power! Crickets have favorable hind legs and hard mouthparts. They are suitable for biting hard things, such as roots, stems, leaves and fruits of crops. So the fight between them is very fierce and cruel. When it is serious, it can bite off the other party’s legs and even split the skin and flesh. For this reason, people also like to have fun. When they are bored, they gather together to fight crickets, put two crickets in a jar and watch their life and death struggle.

But not all crickets are aggressive. Only male crickets are good at fighting. Male crickets like to monopolize a territory because they are lonely by nature. Other males can’t invade again. This habit will inevitably lead to frequent wars between them. However, during the breeding period, it is allowed to have a female to live with it in order to reproduce.

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