Why are ants Hercules?

Ant is a small animal in the animal kingdom, but it has great strength. If you weigh the ant and the object it carries, you will be very surprised! The weight it lifted was almost 100 times more than its weight. No one in the world can lift more than three times his own weight. In this sense, the strength of ants is much greater than that of people.

Where does the power of this Hercules come from?

It seems that this seems to be an interesting “mystery”. After a lot of experimental research, scientists finally exposed the “mystery”. It turns out that the muscle in the ant’s claws is a very efficient “prime mover”, which is several times higher than the efficiency of the aeroengine, so it can produce considerable power. We know that any engine needs a certain amount of fuel, such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene or other heavy oil. However, the “muscle engine” is supplied with a special fuel. This “fuel” does not burn, but can also release the hidden energy into mechanical energy. Without combustion, there will be no heat loss, and the efficiency will be greatly improved. Chemists already know the composition of this special “fuel”, which is a very complex phosphorus compound.
That is to say, in the claws of ants, there are billions of subtle small motors as power.
This discovery has aroused a strong desire of scientists to create a similar “artificial muscle engine”.
From the perspective of development prospect, if the powerful and dexterous automatic equipment such as ant claws is used in technology, it will cause a fundamental change in technology. At that time, elevators, cranes and other machines will take on a new look.

Now the cranes we use usually work by motors, but the efficiency of work is far worse than that of ants. Why? Because thermal power generation depends on burning coal to turn water into steam, which drives the impeller and drives the generator to generate electricity. In this process, chemical energy is changed into thermal energy, thermal energy into mechanical energy, and mechanical energy into electrical energy. In these processes, some of the heat energy generated by combustion runs away for nothing, and some is consumed because of overcoming the friction generated by mechanical rotation. Therefore, the efficiency of this engine is very low, only 30 ~ 40%. The ant “engine” uses the special “fuel” in the muscle to directly turn into electric energy, with little loss, so it is very efficient.

Inspired by the ant “engine”, people have created a fuel cell that directly converts chemical energy into electrical energy. This cell uses fuel for redox reaction to directly generate electricity. It has no combustion process, so its efficiency is very high, up to 70 ~ 90%.

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