What is the reason why the fish died with a bulging stomach?

Died of enteritis. It’s bacterial infection caused by eating something unclean. It has obvious characteristics at the time of onset. Bacterial enteritis [etiology] is mainly caused by eating unclean food or overeating, intestinal fullness, blocked excretion, and finally intestinal enteritis caused by bacterial infection. [pathogen] Aeromonas punctatus. [symptoms] sick fish often have swollen abdomen, erythema, prominent anus, dull body, stop at the corner of the aquarium, twitch their body muscles for a short time, don’t eat, and their feces are white. When the fish belly is opened, it can be seen that the abdominal cavity is hydrous, the intestinal wall is congested and inflamed. In mild cases, only part of the intestinal tract is red. In severe cases, the whole intestinal tract is purplish red, there is no food in the intestinal tract, and it is filled with light yellow mucus and blood pus.

[treatment] there are many methods to treat enteritis. There are also many drugs sold in the market. Oral drugs such as NACK, Yufukang and sulfaguanidine, and external drugs such as yujunjie, furacilin, gentamicin, oxytetracycline and shitelin can achieve good curative effects after dilution and sprinkling or bathing. If the fish is found to have the above conditions, it is recommended to isolate the fish for treatment as soon as possible.

It may be a bacterial infection. Did you die because of a problem with your water quality? It’s estimated that he also ate other dead fish. If he could, because there was no food for a long time, the fish would kill each other. Don’t you know that

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